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We are proud for some bloggers from our community members in terms the topics covered, presentation, style of blogging. Please do post to share your ideas to our community members.


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Blog Posts

Entity Framework 4.1 Annotations–Part 1  Sankarsan Bose | 6/5/2011 at 2:45 AM

Entity Framework 4.1 has introduced the Code First Approach with it’s Fluent API and Annotations.In this series of posts we will focus on the Annotations part of it and how it can be used to build the domain model and map it to the database....Read More

Sorting Collections in C#  Sankarsan Bose | 5/7/2011 at 5:44 PM

In this post we will discuss about different techniques of sorting collections of objects in C# using the functions provided by the base class libraries.This is something very common and there different types of provisions in .NET BCL to achieve the same.We will try to discuss the advantages and limitations of each of these approaches... Read More

TPL DataFlow–BufferBlock & Load Balancing  Sankarsan Bose | 3/27/2011 at 3:11 PM

Let’s consider a situation where we have a data source which is churning out data like a continuous stream and passing it to some data processing units (like a method) as shown in the figure below.The processing units are load balanced i.e. if one unit is still busy processing then the next element coming out of the data source will be handed over to the next processing unit...Read More

App Fabric–Walkthrough Of A Simple Client Code  Sankarsan Bose | 2/27/2011 at 10:43 AM

Windows Server AppFabric has been released for quite sometime now.I did not had much time to look into it then.Since last week I have started playing around with the App Fabric Caching.In this post we will build a small App Fabric Cache client and try to understand how it works...Read More

Reactive Extensions in .NET – Hot & Cold Observable  Sankarsan Bose | 9/26/2010 at 4:43 AM

In my last post on the Reactive Extensions in .NET we have discussed about observable collections.Here we will take a look into the different types of observable and how they pushes values to the subscribers.In the example mentioned in the last post we  saw that, after invoking the subscribe method on the observable collection it starts pushing values to the subscriber.Read More..