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Ritaban Guha

Ritaban Guha
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Be a Dvoraker....
Ritaban Guha | 8/24/2010 at 9:41 PM



Now, for all the programmers, there should be a common quality among them, which is, faster coding capability then normal people..

But still we r not yet a Dvoraker..

lets get in to the description ..

There are two popular types of keyboards [the main weapon of a programmer]. The all time favorite QWERTY
ant the myChoice, Dvorak.

what is QWERTY keyboard layout!!

well. its the keyboard thay we use generally.

it was designed for the typewriters..
the early typewrites had a problem if subsequent keys were pressed very quick.
they couldn't recognize them that fast, causing errors. So, the QWERTY type keyboard was invented by Christopher Sholes.

So the most frequent keys were kept apart from each other, which improved the efficiency of the typewriter but not the typist.

But it somehow became the most popular convention of keyboard layout.

what is Dvorak keyboard layout!!

this is the layout which was designed to improve the efficiency of the typist not the typewriter.
Dvorak layout keeps the most important keys on the middle row. The mid importance keys on the top row and the list important keys on the bottom row [approximately].
In the middle row, the vowels are placed on the left side and the most important consonants on the right.
So, a Dvorak typist would keep his fingers on the middle row. this provides a faster typing speed compared to QWERTY.
Lets look at the statistics..

topic                                  QWERTY                                         DVAROK

keystrokes                            32%                                                  70%
in middle row

keystrokes                            52%                                                   22%
in top row

in bottom row                       16%                                                   8%

finger movement                 30Km/Day                                         15Km/day

user friendliness                 takes time to get used to                very quick to get
                                                                                                             used to..

almost all computers supports DVAROK today by default. MaCs use DVAROK.
many great programmers [Bram Cohen(inventor of BitTorrent), Matt Mullenweg(lead developper of WordPress), Barbara Blackburn(world's fastest typist)]

it is a good practice/choice for efficient coders who take less time to think then to type.
most importantly,.. it was a nobel work.. It deserves respect..