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Ritaban Guha

Ritaban Guha
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instant ON
Ritaban Guha | 1/10/2011 at 12:53 PM

At the beginning when I used to get so amazed to see that “Loading Windows” screen [1st  was introduced to windows later other OSs ].  After an year or 2, I used to get amazed to realize that the behind that boring screen so many drivers were being loaded, so many things are happening behind the screen. And finally the OS logon screen appeared. WOW.
And now, I feel like throwing my PC if takes to much time to boot. “60 second to boot!! I rather keep in on”. :P
Many people does keep their PCs on, as because the boot time is too much for them. Power isn’t cheap. IF every one can save 1Watt/month, that could serve someone or few with no power at all.
Apart from the Nobel thoughts, keeping the PC ON, reduces the device lifetime and there are other side effects also. So the Idea of Instant boot was in the dreams for a long time.

And voila, Microsoft hints for an 8 second boot Windows 8. With Intel’s SandyBridge processors, It may be possible to provide boot time less that 8sec.  Microsoft didn’t promise anything but they are working on the feature called “Instant ON”.

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